Electric Fireplaces; How to Modernize your Old Wood Burning Fireplace

Let's face it, while old brick wood burning fireplaces add a lot of character to a home, they just aren't practical to use anymore! Instead of leaving that old fireplace empty, you can instantly add a touch of modern and ambience with an electric fireplace.

Our Electric Fireplaces come with a remote to control flame height, backlight, ember light, and they even have a built-in space heater to add heat to the room just like a real fireplace! They only require your standard outlet to plug into, and only cost 1 cent per 24 hours of use with just the flame and backlights, and 9-18 cents per hour with lights and heater.

View our Electric Fireplace Inserts Here!

Want to add an Electric Fireplace in other rooms in your home? We have plenty of other options to choose from!

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